Fulbright chronicle #2

I was running errands in the last couple of weeks. I needed to complete all the Fulbright administration within a reasonable range of time. First of all, I needed transfer my scholarship to Arizona State University (ASU) as my host and supervisor Prof. Ross Emmett started a new position there as the Director of the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty and Professor of Political Economy in the University’s School for Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. Even though I hesitated for one day, this decision of moving to Arizona was very easy to make. Arizona State University is an excellent institution (actually a top institution: ranked as #1 in the U.S. for innovation, among the best graduate schoolsin the USA, a top producer of the world’s elite scholars and so forth) and my supervisor has so encouraging an attitude that I can hardly wait to start working with him.

My Fulbright scholarship is going to be a tour actually. It starts on 1 October with a month to spend at Regenstein Library, the University of Chicago. Then I move to Durham, North Carolina for another month (November) to do similar library research at Duke’s Rubenstein Library, mainly on the Lucas papers and the Edward Prescott papers. After this stage I go on with my work at ASU, hosted by Dr. Emmett. I can say this is a very fortunate schedule as we can have some fruitful discussions on the archival stuff I will have collected by that time.