Call for Papers: “The Methodology of Contemporary Macroeconomics”

Editors of Economics and Business Review of Poznań University of Economics are hereby inviting the authors to contribute to the special issue on “Methodology of Contemporary Macroeconomics”.

Editor in Chief:

  • Tadeusz Kowalski, Poznan University of Economics and Business,

Special Edition Editors:

  • Peter Galbács, Budapest Business School
  • Izabela Bludnik, Poznan University of Economics and Business

Abstracts due: January 31, 2017

Papers due: March 31, 2017

Suggested Topics:

  • The relationship of modern macroeconomics with some prior schools of economic thought in methodological terms: continuity and discontinuity.
  • Breaks in the methodology of contemporary macroeconomics: we are asking the authors to identify how realism and instrumentalism have occurred and overlapped each other during the evolution of modern macroeconomics. Arguments for and against the existence of such methodological breaks.
  • The role and types of underlying assumptions in modern macroeconomics: studying their functions in establishing any particular theory in contemporary macroeconomics with a special emphasis on the ontological implications.
  • Clarifying the importance of as-if-assumptions: studying the commitments to realism or instrumentalism through such assumptions.
  • Empirical methods of modern macroeconomics: the mutual relationship between theory and practice and the possible mechanisms through which the one has influenced the other.
  • Placing modern macroeconomics in a broader context: how has the methodology of social sciences (especially sociology and the methodology of Max Weber) influenced the way modern macroeconomics has turned to socio-economic reality? Are there any arguments for a reverse connection?
  • The effects of the methodology of contemporary macroeconomics on the public and professional views on theoretical macroeconomics: considering the way how modern macroeconomics should and should not use in providing the theoretical foundations for practical economic policy.
  • The relationship of mainstream economics and heterodox theories in methodological terms.

NOTE that papers are not limited to the above topics. Papers will be selected on the basis of both their contribution to the advancement of knowledge of the methodology of contemporary macroeconomics.

Call for Papers of Economics and Business review is available here.



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