Getting Mentioned… On…?! Yes!

I am feeling distinguished now. “Omnivore” section of U.S. mentioned my latest draft “Reassessing Contemporary Macroeconomics on Methodological Grounds” right on the front page. Omnivore has just published a compilation on papers and books written about some recent problems in economics and it was the occasion on which my draft was mentioned. This citation directed a lot of readers to the draft. Happiness!

Bookforum was founded in 1994 as a print magazin published five times a year. It has a website updated on a daily basis. The public views on Bookforum seem to be favourable…

Welcome to Bookforum, “a showcase for rigorous and elegant writing” (the Village Voice). Founded in 1994, the print magazine is published five times a year and the website is updated daily.

“I love Bookforum, because it gives me intelligent long reviews, and, most importantly, of a range of books not covered in other journals or magazines. Sometimes I think that Bookforum, in its gently subversive way, is America’s real Book Review.”—James Wood

Bookforum is an essential antidote to complacency in the world of writing and publishing—a shot of oxygen direct to the brain.” —Jonathan Lethem

Bookforum is a force for good in the literary universe, reliably and brilliantly bringing the primary virtues (intelligence, rigor, passion, depth, knowledge of historical context, generosity of spirit) to bear on contemporary culture. I am always grateful for its reviving presence.” —George Saunders.


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