Duke Chronicle #5

Finally I am here. A renaissance campus, friendly neighbors, a warm reception. This is Duke. I arrived at Durham on Saturday evening, by one of the latest flights. RDU airport was almost empty. Lisa, a dear friend of mine, picked me up from the airport and transported me to my temporary residence, Victoria’s home. I spent Sunday exploring the town, looking for a European-style bakery and… Duke Chapel, of course. Fascinating. The building itself was open, so I felt free to enter and take some pictures. Here they are.

Yesterday was my first day at Rubenstein Library. A visiting scholar has to check-in at Duke Visa Services first, so it was the first thing on my schedule for Monday. Then I dropped in on Angela at Duke HOPE for a short visit and to give her those little things I brought from Hungary as a present. Then I crossed the park to the Library.

Unfortunately, my work at Rubenstein Library is rather purely of physical nature for the time being. I am standing by my desk over the tons of drafts and manuscripts or personal and professional letters and taking pictures of them. Eight hour a day. By the end of my shift I feel utterly exhausted, spent and worn-out. There is no chance of visiting the downtown of Durham on such days. But at the weekend… I will make up for the lost time.

On this second day of mine I could entirely process Box 19 of the Lucas Papers written on the famous paper “After Keynesian Macroeconomics” co-authored by Tom Sargent. It is clear that this paper has a seminal role in Lucas’ career. He devoted so many drafts to the preparation process that the manuscripts take up three boxes. It took me hours to go over the papers only superficially – but all well that ends well. In the end all the important drafts are copied.


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