Duke Chronicle #3

No matter how strange it is, the latest chapter of my Duke Chronicle has been written in Chicago. In this stage of preparation I must get ready for the trip, so yesterday I started to look into the structure of the Lucas fragments via the homepage of Rubenstein Library. This is a manuscript collection, so there may be special arrangements as to the work with such fragments. I wrote a short e-mail to the librarians in order to ask whether I am free to use my digital camera to make personal copies of the Lucas Papers. They said it is not a problem, but called my attention to the fact that the access to the Lucas fragments is strictly prohibited. I had to ask permission from Prof. Lucas. Yes, from Robert E. Lucas personally, Nobel laureate of 1995. I sent him a short letter in which I introduced myself and even dared to devote a few words to my ongoing research… and shortly after having pushed the “send” button I got a message from him. Now I have his permission. Admittedly, I know I am an extraordinarily talented researcher (relax, it is fun), but I do not even receive e-mails from Nobel laureates. Yes, I know it was almost an automatic reply… But still… I am happy and proud somehow.

A few hours later I got an alert from my Academia.edu account that someone from Chicago had visited my profile. It must have been Lucas… or at least his assistant, Ms. Virginia Bova.


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