Politics, Elegance and the Euro Champs

This morning I ran into this letter shared by Hillary Clinton on Facebook a couple of hours ago. The letter is by George H. W. Bush for president Bill Clinton. He left these rows on the table in the Oval Office in order that Clinton could read them at the beginning of his first day as a president. It is moving. And uplifting. Elegance. It was the first word that came to my mind when reading this message.

Yesterday did the Hungarian team have its first match at the Euro Champs. We defeated Austria by two goals. Everybody is happy now. People were walking in the streets singing and smiling. One of my closest friends was talking about a possible rise in birth statistics due to this victory. She is glad, and I am happy for her. Otherwise I am sad. I know well that I am completely alone with this opinion of mine, but this seems to be a tragedy for the nation. Hungarian football has been on state funding. Lots of stadiums have been built. Billions of forints have been pumped into football, while state health care or education suffer from serious shortage of funding. And the productivity of state investments… is a joke. We should have built pyramids instead. This victory, however, will justify all the mistakes the government made and, this is obvious, people will forgive all the dubious political decisions. This victory was the most expensive victory of all times, in political terms as well. No. Especially in political terms.

And this letter… Now I see that it is not football or the Olympic Games that our nation lacks. It is elegance. And respect.



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