Top 5 Films on University Professors

It is weekend finally, so it is about time we watched a good movie. Together it would be better of course, but it is not an option, unfortunately. So, the idea occurred to me what if I drew up a list on my favourite films about university professors. Yes, it seems as if I was watching myself and, to be honest, I can always laugh at myself. Let’s see the list.

#1 The Rewrite

It is Hugh Grant, so it is not necessary for me to say anything else. He is my chief love-affair advisor. Following him I am really good at stammering and saying “uhmmm” in the end. Or “ahmmm”. In this movie of his, Hugh manifests the best practice of university teaching. He starts with Facebook-checking the candidates to his seminar and selects only the prettiest girls (this is the one thing I always wanted to do) and, finally, he falls in love with one of them. Should I say again that this is the best practice…?

#2 Smart People

Actually it was very difficult to decide whether The Rewrite or Smart People is the number one. Please, feel free to mix up the top two. Smart People is about a clumsy professor of English literature. He hardly feels sympathy for his students, which makes him even more loveable. But the reason why this film is my personal favourite is a legendary conversation between Dr. Hartigan (Dennis Quaid) and his boss at the department:

– When was the last time you attended a department meeting?

– When was the last time there was anything on the agenda worth discussing?

Yes, this is exactly my attitude. Department meetings are extremely boring. And Ellen Page looked really pretty.

#3 Dead Poets Society

It is not a comedy but definitely worth watching. Robin Williams’ outstanding appearance, love, rebellion, youth and poetry. This is the essence of this tragic masterpiece which should be taken as an ideal for anyone who is privileged to teach talented young people. Maybe I should also jump up on my desk to catch my students’ attention.

#4 A Beautiful Mind

This is about my profession, economics. This movie is always presented at my seminars in order to show my students how science works and what a Nobel prize means. I hope they love it. And last but not least, Jennifer Connelly is even more beautiful than in Rocketeer.

#5 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

To be honest, Indy is the no.1. role model for me, apart from Hugh Grant. He is surrounded by adorable students, who are always falling in love with him – which is a fact of his life, however, he do not even realize it. Indy defeats all his enemies as well as the enemies of the civilised Western world: I think this is the same. This traditional masterpiece is a must for everyone on Saturday evenings.

That’s all for today. Have a nice time! And do not hesitate to let me know your choice, please.


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