A Critique of a Critique (in English)

Tamás Mellár, professor of the University of Pécs, economic politician, former president of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office – his name is widely known, and not only in professional circles. The economist being a man of wide reading, who also acquired fame by his frequent public appearances, by his often-emphasized critical remarks on both operative economic policy and the evolution of mainstream economics, catches our attention time and time again. He is known to build his strikingly marked beliefs on well-elaborated arguments, so he can hardly be charged with superficiality, not even by his opponents. He is regarded as an opinion-leader in our home circles of both public policy and theoretical economics, so paying attention to his words and taking them serious is always the correct thing to do. The area of his curiosity is far-reaching, however, he never becomes eclectic, deconcentrated or someone having multiple centres of interest: while he is supposed to be a famous critic of mainstream economics, by his strong commitment to science, he is also an outstanding expert in these theories. He can pay attention to the developments within high theory and, at the same time, translate his knowledge into the language of operative economic policy – and, what is more, he is a professional having superlative modelling expertise. A real and classic role model. Passionate and respectable polemist. The professional debates one can have with him are always spirited, but never go rough. He is one of the few who vehemently believe in the truth of their scientific ideas – and all this is an existential question to him. By defending his theory, he defends himself and his unique way of understanding the world. This is the background from which he draws both his faith during the debates and the impulse for his constant efforts to improve.


The unproofread English draft of the review paper is available here. For the Hungarian version, please, click here.


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